Deuce and a half…..

19621068_10209605447468710_9081413583903760447_oI am going to share a story, a life that was shared by one of my daughter’s coworkers.  Now, I am going to try my best to stay unbiased.  I know this story did not hit the national news, it has no real sensationalism to it.   Maybe, just maybe, if more stories like this did make national news a bigger picture would come to light.

This happened on a base in Texas, after the Florida School Shooting.  A mother struggling with depression, made worse by post-pardom, chooses inpatient care.  Her husband, not too long out of rehab for his own demons knows that the stress of his wife’s inpatient care and the care of a 3 year old daughter could at this point send him seeking answers in the bottom of the bottle again.  The two decide to entrust  the sister and brother-in-law, with the help of the grandparents of this precious little girl.  Both parents acknowledge and sought help for their issues and had family to support them.

The child’s Aunt is retired military, wounded in battle, and working a civilian job.  The Uncle is still currently enlisted, having just returned from overseas.  He still works on base and they use base daycare for their niece.  He is a medic.

Here is the point another enlisted man comes into play.  He is driving a deuce and a half truck at 70 miles per hour when he collided with the vehicle driven by the Uncle with the child in her carseat.  The Uncle suffers 12 broken ribs and a broken collarbone, the child’s carseat failed and she suffered broken ribs and a fractured skull.

My daughter’s coworker returned to work yesterday, she is the precious girls Aunt, the sister to the child’s mother, and the wife to the uncle driving the car.  Sadly, the little girl succumbed to her injuries, her mother committed suicide, her father is on suicide watch.  The uncle is battling with survivors guilt, he feels as a medic he should have done more to help the child.  A family devastated and why?

Back to the driver of the deuce and a half.  Enlisted, driving 70 miles per hour while running from the MPs.  During the investigation, it is brought to light that he was on his way to drive the deuce and a half through the pediatric ward.  Searching his housing, they find many desecrated animals and more proof of his intentions.

Now his weapon of choice was a deuce and a half truck, not any form of fire arm.  I fear it isn’t the person’s choice of the weapon they use but it is instead the mind and heart of the person.