Jewelry off

It is a rare thing for me to take these two pieces of jewelry off.  The ring is my dad’s wedding band that lives on my left thumb and the cross was given to my mother on her deathbed by her sisters, the gold chain was a gift from my mother in law.

These people have blessed my life beyond measure, have taught me many life lessons, and filled my heart to overflowing with a great love.  As I stood there looking down on the bathroom counter, I was moved to tears.

You see there is a tiny chain of gold and a ring, representing the circle of life.  A love never ending and quite unbroken.  The tiny cross laying against the marble counter, reminding me of faith, hope, and believing in the unknown that each day brings, solid in those beliefs like the marble it lays upon.  Each piece given to me out of love by family, blood or choice.  Reminds me that family is just that, love.  It doesn’t matter how they became family, by blood, by marriage, or by choice each one of them bless our lives in such an amazing way.  Life is a chain of events, links of memories, as precious as the gold that creates them.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    circle of life

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