Laughter from above.

Moved to Austin in July 2015, I can’t say it has been all I dreamed, thought, or even hope it would be but there have been some upsides.  I guess the most surprising is in my physical self.  Dad told me once to quit worrying about my weight, there would come a time my metabolism would change.  I remember laughing and telling him that wasn’t how metabolism worked.  I told him the older you get the wider you got, thus the middle-aged spread.  He laughed.  

September 2015.    Topping the scales at nearly 400 pounds.

August 2017.  Topping the scales at just above 200.

The kids still laugh when I come home with new clothes that I have to return because they try to fall off, I still look at some place I have to squeeze through and think, “too big to fit” but could actually walk through it without squeezing.

Okay Daddy, that laughter I hear from above can stop, you were right.  Even out metabolism is abnormal.  

One comment on “Laughter from above.

  1. cljones68 says:

    Becca you look amazing so healthy so happy im am glad for that! Miss u my old friend

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