Light in the darkness

Most people put a candle in the window this time of year, but do you know the origin?  The single lighted candle was put  in the window, often lit by the fire from the fireplace.  The fireplace was the source of warmth, of light, and the gathering place for family.  The candle was to invite others to share in this love.  During the Civil War, the candle was an invitation to soldiers to share in warmth, love, food, and shelter.

Through this holiday season, instead of a candle, I am lighting this oil lamp.  It lives on my patio table so it is seen from the street and sidewalk.  I  am lighting it every night to send the love of my heart and the warmth of my home out to others.  To the men and women protecting our country, the friends, family, and passing strangers, to the lost souls needing to know they are loved, and in memory of those that live on in my heart.  May the love of this season shine upon you and yours!  love you and blessings always.