Love and friendships

Once, when I was just a kid, I met a young couple just starting out.  High school sweethearts, but as I would later learn they were the epitome of soul mates.  Two souls that literally found their mate early in life.  Was life perfect?  No, but they always made the best out of it.  I don’t really remember how or even why they let me hang out with them, but let me tell you I was the one blessed.

Early on, I guess I was nine or ten, I thought these were the most beautiful people on the planet.  Lyndi was tiny, with long hair.  She has the most infectious laugh and a quirky sense of humor.  Ronnie had a dark complexion and the most amazing eyes I ever saw.  I would watch Lyndi brush her hair, put it in clips or a pony, then take the brush to what usually looked like a rag mop on my head.  Ever so gently she attacked each tangle until they were all gone.  Ronnie would come home and sit to tell us of his day before I would rush out the door headed home.  I loved to hear him talk, even as an adult there was a soothing, loving quality about his voice.  There was always a hug and love from them both before I went out the door…. always . 

I have so many beautiful memories of these two.  Bowling, the lake, and the movies, births, deaths,tragedies and successes.  Holding each of the kids, Dustin when he was tiny as Lyndi and I sat watching the junior high boys practice football.  He sat so quiet in my lap until he started giggling…..  diaper change time.  Yes, since I was holding him I had to change him.  Heather was about 9 when she got to meet Kristen for the first time.  She took her by the hand and I knew as long as she was with Heather she was fine.  Heather, from a tiny girl was going to mother the world, juse like her mom.  I walked up the aisle at my wedding praying we wouldn’t meet Ronda.  I was so worried about Lyndi, she was hugely pregnant with Ronda.  It would have been a blessing to meet the fireball of this trio that day, but all the little old folks might have freaked . Ronda has always been the wildlife of her parents so precious though.

Ronnie and Lyndi taught me so much through the years, to love family and friends regardless, to laugh and love through the good and the bad, to seek out beauty no matter how minuscule, and to hug often.  

Yes, I am so blessed.  I know without a doubt that Lyndi met Ronnie and Braxton on Friday with open arms and that she and Ronnie are blanketing the kids with so much love as the grieve this tragic loss.  

There are beautiful, perfect  angels in heaven today, there is an unfillable silence on this big blue marble.  I know so many hearts shattered Friday, mine included.