the composer


Going through the most recent of my adventure pictures, I am reminded of a quote by Ansel Adams, “I tried to keep both arts alive, but the camera won.  I found that while the camera does not express the soul, perhaps a photograph does!”  I started to delete this photo, it wasn’t what I wanted.  I had taken more than one of the path and the others were focused different, the subject was different in every shot.  The longer I studied this one the more it resonated in my own heart and soul.

It was as if nature was showing me things my heart already knew.  It is often the feeling that you have fallen, that you are stagnate, standing at a cross roads and unsure of which fork in the road to take.  Life never stops, the only time you are not in some kind of motion in this world is when you are dead.

Sometimes I lose my path, my words, my focus feeling like I am stuck in the mud.  Like the leaves that are in focus, there are so many things happening, weighing on my heart and mind that I get overwhelmed.  I seek out nature and let the photographs speak for me.  Even in taking nature photos,  the photographer is still the composer. A photograph needs no words, no explanation, no support in is the heart and soul of the composer.

I have in the past year or so lost my words.  I now understand professors telling me that I don’t put my heart into writing, I rarely share the deep emotions.  I may in some way share the actions and the circumstances but sharing the true emotions isn’t there.  I don’t share the disappointments, the fears, the anger or the even a small amount of the love I really feel.  Instead, I take my camera out into nature to show my feelings.  Often it happens without me even trying.