outside the comfort box

She stepped outside of the comfort box, spending the day on the sand. Letting the waves of the lake break against her skin and wash the world away.  She made new friends and stood holding hands with strangers that are now dear.  She laid on a towel, stretched out on the beach in the Texas sun.  Talking to people unknown until today, learning and sharing and laughing the day away.  As night began to fall and she shared her towel with others to watch the beautiful Texas sunset over the water, the campfire crackling and the breeze blowing, it was as if their souls were one.  The campfire embers burning low, the stars above beginning to shine, their voices lowering and she spread out on the towel, resting her head on the leg of a stranger.  Not needing to know which of her new friends was the pillow, she closed her eyes and drifted away on a breeze.  Letting nothing but the love of these incredible friends, the weight of the world to fly on the night air and a smile crossed her face.  Not a forced smile, but one that only comes when peace is reached.

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