Strangers in passing


She came quietly out of the woods, walked out into the creek and stood there as if to let the water be her daily blessing.  A small drink but for the most part just letting the cool water surround her.  She had no collar, just a simple creature happy to be alive.  I wondered who she belonged to but there didn’t seem to be any signs of an owner, or for that matter for her to own another.  I knew some one must look after her for her hair was shaved down both sides and she had been fed recently.Then just as quietly, a woman also came out of the woods and walked out into the flowing water.  She stood there quietly petting the dog.  There was a kindred love between them one of gentle love, of mutual respect for each others gypsy spirit.


I had walked about a mile, searching for the perfect spot to shed my shoes and let nature and the spirit flow about me.  I had brought the camera, the phone, and a towel.  I piled them all on the rock with my hiking shoes.  She stared at me for a long time before her soft voice broke through the sounds of nature.  “I knew you would be here.”  These were the soft words that broke through the heart and mind.  “Excuse me?” I replied.  She softly spoke, I woke this morning and I knew that you would at some time during the day would cross my path and she sat down on the rock beside me.  We talked of the dog, her past, her current state of homelessness and her thoughts and dreams.  I asked why she thought we were to meet.  She said because you have something to share with me.  I gave a laugh, I told her that I really didn’t have anything tangible to share.  Not tangible, I seek nothing tangible from you.  Neither of us may recognize what it is we give to the other but I promise it is there.

My heart knew this was a definite truth of anyone whose path we cross.  We shared about thirty minutes when she got up and quietly wondered back into the woods.  Her parting words made me smile, “I will see you again soon.”

What was shared between us?  What was said or conveyed?  Two lost souls sharing a moment of love.  Shame on you!  A love that only two souls can share.  The love that we are all suppose to learn, share, acknowledge.  I wish more people understood just how simple that love is.  She was a very amazing woman following her own journey in life, making the best out of all she knew and had.  But taking a few minutes out of her life to connect with a stranger.

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