Firsts.  Life is full of them.  From the first steps we take, that first cumbersome kiss, first loves and even our first jobs.  Beautiful memories that collect over a life time of first things.  I am sure that each and everyone of us can recount at least some of the firsts in our lives.  But, as we get older and we learn that some of the firsts are the hardest and most painful memories we will ever know.

As we lose people in our lives there are many firsts in that year after.  It seems to me that the older you get and the closer those you are losing are the firsts are harder.  When my mother-in-law and sister-in-law passed away it was the bigger moments.  Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, months all of those firsts were painful.  But I watched my husband and daughter struggle more with more intimate time.  The first Monday, the first week, the first month.  When mother died, it was the same with me.  When dad died, it was even more intense.  With mother, dad and I shared those firsts but with dad there was no one to share those most intimate monumental firsts with.

There are two really special people this Christmas that are living those monumental firsts.  One couple lost a dad, the other his wife.  I have lifted both in love and peace but I know how hard those firsts are.  I hope that both are surrounded by other people that love and understand the pain they are living in.  I hope that both families are supported with such intense love and peace that these firsts will be memories to share.

As we go through this season of love and giving, let us hold the ones we love close.  Take a moment to listen and learn, a moment to give peace and happiness, and a moment to remember all those wonderful firsts, the first step, the first kiss, the first love.

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