The gentle fog


There are times in life that seem really foggy.  When the pathway forward seems overgrown and impassable, making it seem as if you are standing perfectly still.  Each step forward that you take is taking a chance.  A chance that you will fall in the brambles, get tangled in the thorns of life.  I have fallen, stood perfectly still afraid to move, I thought.  But slowly, as the sun begins to peek through I realized I had never stood still but instead I had been in motion the whole time.  Seeking, learning, above all hoping and sharing.  I had been listening and growing.  Life is a fog and in that fog I found beauty, I found love and friendships, I learned faith and heartache.  I learned to embrace it all and make it have beauty and happiness.  Some times the thorns scrape your skin, or even pierce the heart but even though the wounds bleed and are painful, the remind me that I am alive.  They remind me that they are but flesh wounds and that others have deeper wounds than I have ever known.  It was in the fog that I grew as a woman, that I grew as a human, that learned the most.