Aunt Verla Brown….. Auntie….



Auntie and Uncle Delbert.


I don’t think I ever remember a time that she couldn’t brighten a room with that smile, that laugh.  I don’t remember a time that she and I couldn’t find something to laugh about.  Out of all the cousins, I guess I am the one that didn’t get to spend as much time with Auntie as anyone else, but she never let on that she knew me any less than the others.  

I was asked last night to think of something that would have reminded me and my mother of Auntie.  I didn’t even hesitate, Christmas ornaments.  There is an ornament that adorns my tree every Christmas, Mother put the date on the bottom the year Auntie gave it to me….1976.  A little ceramic Holly Hobby dressed in dark orange.  She is one of my favorite ornaments and always will be.  When you see my mother on the other side, introduce yourself because like always I am sure one of us has forgotten who the other is….. like any of us could forget.

God speed Beautiful Lady,  you have made the world a more wonderful place with your love, kindness, your laugh, and always your sense of humor.  Thank you for being such a blessing to me and mine always…..

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