One summer afternoon, just after we moved here, a man pulled in the driveway with a little black dog.  He asked if she was ours and we all shook our heads no.  Mom and Dad’s hired hand told the man that if he didn’t find her home, to bring her back.  The man pulled out of the driveway and headed on toward town.  I know he didn’t make it to the next house before he turned around and came back.  That was the start of our lives with Lady.

The dog with 9 lives… she had  just had puppies when we got her but the man said that there were no pups with her when he found her in the ditch.  Lady started out as the hired hand’s dog.  But Lady loved mother, you could always tell what room Mom was in because Lady was laying in the hallway in front of the door.  

She came up missing for two weeks one time and we thought that we had lost her.  The hired hand had decided that Kristen’s dog and Lady were a liability because they barked at him when he would sneak in and out at night to feed a bad drinking and drugging habit that he didn’t want mom to know about.  So he killed Kristen’s dog.  Lady missing, we figured that he killed her too.  But I walked up on the porch late one night after working late and there laid Lady.  She was worse for wear, missing a toe, but alive and well.  

We had her for four years when all of a sudden she came up pregnant, much to our surprise.  To the vet to be fixed and low and behold she did it again.  Back to the vet she went.  

This morning, the Creator of life and love, saw how much the old girl was suffering.  Though many times Kristen and I have teased each other that she was going to be out playing in the yard and just fall over…. she walked off the porch, yelped and passed into his waiting arms.  He created a beautiful morning for her, I went out and sat in the swing and played with her. loving on her and then I fed the dogs.  I picked up my camera and captured a most beautiful sunrise.  As I snapped my last photo this morning, she was gone.  

Rest in peace my beautiful Lady.   Your final resting spot under the pecan trees that you loved to climb, chase squirrels in and eat the pecans just seemed fitting.Image 


One comment on “Lady……

  1. me says:

    i am so very sorry for your loss but so happy she is now running with mine and having a grand old time

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