Haze of the night….



Sometimes when the world is dark, 

the haze falls thick upon the moon.

Covering your thoughts.

Engulfing your heart too.

Sometimes in the darkness,

the light seems dim.

The night things sing of doom.

The haze grasping slowly, engulfing every thought.

Tear drops become the dew that covers 

everything in sight.

Just when your prayers are pleading, hoping, begging…..


 a change the light does bring.

It begins as a small sliver just along the edge.

And slowly as the day breaks, 

the wetness of the tears of night shine.

Shine bright in the morning sun,

watering the grass blades, softly one by one.

A soft breath escapes from between your lips,

a breeze upon the dawn.

Letting go of all the fears it seems 

making room for what will come.

The voices of the nighttime change gently 

on the dawn.  Now voices sing of hope and praise,

each added slowly in the dawn.





As the sunlight creeps above the horizon and lands upon your feet,

a pathway appears beneath them.

In the early morning sun, life begins anew

and soon the footfalls that you hear will 

be the answer to your clouded midnight fears.


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