The empty bench.


Sitting on a homemade quilt in the grass in the park, I looked across the way and this was my photo-frame.  The evening sun back lighting the iron bench, the trees and vines trying to take over where man has been.  As I sat there watching the people walk the pathway in front of the bench, my heart sought solitude in friends that were not there.  There were people that have moved into the spirit realm that I thought of being there.  But as I sat and stared at the picture, it was friends that live near and far, friends that I know only online that I wanted to share such beauty and peace with.  It wasn’t as sad thing, but rather a happy thought.  A thought that showed me just how loved and blessed that I really am.  I thought of friends that I have not seen in awhile, that live too far away to spend time with.  I thought of family members in the same way.  I thought of each one of them and pulled them into my heart and thoughts.  I envisioned each of them sitting there if only for ten minutes, laughing, talking, sharing the cares of the day.  I could hear their voices, their laughter and our conversations.  I could feel their presence in my heart.


As I began to gather my thoughts and head for home, the Texas sky lent her beauty to my already happy heart.  As if painted just for me, the brush strokes of color, the sun reflecting off the clouds, and the hope that those clouds give us right now filled my heart and soul.  I drove off into the setting sun renewed of hope, of energy and of determination knowing that I am loved.

Knowing that I can face another day, another hurdle, and do it with strength and support.

a simple thought…



The “Super moon rose up in the Eastern sky, cradled in the wisps of fading clouds.  The clouds hide little bits and pieces of the moon, much the same way I hide little bits and pieces of myself, of my heart and soul.  

Touch lightly


As I go through my daily life, I come in contact with many people from all walks of life, all stations, colors, and ages and I try to touch each soul the same.  I try to be a smile in their day, a calm in their storm.  Sometimes, you wonder about people that walk through your life for but a brief moment.

In March of this year, I was sitting in Whataburger late at night eating, a man at the next table was wearing a boy scout uniform.  I got to talking to him about the camp up by Post, we talked about being a scout master and just life in general.  He and his wife were finishing up their supper and were getting ready to leave the establishment.  I was sitting next to the divider wall and he walked over and leaned on it behind me.  He placed his hand on my shoulder and we wrapped up our conversation.  We gave each other blessings on our departure.

Early this morning, this man was killed in a head on wreck out at the lake.

Even though I really did not know this man, just for a moment late one night in a fast food restaurant, I reached out and touched lightly.  I connected with him for only a fleeting moment in each of our lives.

You cross paths everyday with various people.  Take that moment, that split second to look them in the eye and make contact.  Let them know that they are important in that moment.  Let them touch your heart and leave a heartprint.  You may never again see their face, their smile or even hear about them again, but in that moment you have shared what is most important in this life…. yourself.  Make it count.