I have never been still a day in my life, there has always been too much to see, too much to do, and so much to create!  Mother always said that even as a baby, there was always something moving even when I was asleep, a finger, a toe or something.  There is always someone to care for, someone to do for and all of a sudden I am blank.  I can’t seem to write, photography seems to miss the meaning, gardening has lost it’s spark even.  One of the things that Daddy and I talked about the night he passed was he told me, “Baby girl you have done all your chores.  It is time for you now.”  What does that even mean?  I seem to be sleeping about 2-4 hours every 24, but that ambition seems to have faded.  People are talking all around me but I have no interest in what they say or do.  They want to know what my plans are but keep telling me to just be still and it will reveal itself.

Last night as I laid in the darkness, talking to the Creator, I asked for guidance.  Show me please where to go and what to do.  I know that he has a plan, he has a path, he will find me a way.  I know that I need to take a moment to heal, to find my own footing but it sure is much easier to do when I am in motion…….

2 comments on “Motion….

  1. Lea Presley says:

    Hello, Sweet Tator…..I feel your sadness…..Hope some thing good will come your way soon.

    Love you

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