A day…….

I sat quietly under a majestic willow, watching as the fish swam near the waters edge.  As the multitude of people searched that park for what I already had in my heart.  Peace.  As they laughed, they cheered, they talked aloud, I watched as they crossed the bridge but found not.  The soft sound of the birds, the gentle lapping of the water, the occasional splash from the fish, the breeze talking in the branches and leaves of the trees, my heart expanded and grew.  Wondering what thoughts rushed through their minds, what they sought in the beauty that surrounded them.  Did they seek peace, did the long for the touch of love, did they seek solitude?  How often did they let the majestic grace of such beauty touch their needs, their wants, their desires?

Sitting on the wooden step, letting the  sunshine warm my soul.  The stoic monkeys sitting guard.  An elderly man sat on the bottom step to rest and enjoy the quiet moment.  He looked up and winked as he patted the step beside him.  I left my perch to join him there.  Quietly we sat, the only conversation was that of two souls.   Two hearts talking in silence as we watched a squirrel scampering in the tree across the way.  He rose slowly, took my hand and kissed my cheek then he meandered on his own path.  Touching my heart softly as he went.  A soft hand that took mine in his own, a love of two people that had never met, and would never lay eyes on the other again.  But in the small amount of time both had touched the other.  Shared a smile, a quiet moment of peaceful bliss in the midst of a city vast with others but for a fleeting moment there were just two kindred souls.


As I stood upon the path, the waterfall gently singing it’s song of life.  I longed to perch upon its stones and dip my feet into its running water.  Letting the cool water wash across my bare feet, much like the rain washes my very soul.  The song it sang gently cleansing my heart of the hurt, the longing, the sadness of the world.  The sunsparkles lighting my path, letting the candle of my heart match their own brightness.  The ripple of the pool below radiating toward the waters edge like the love in my heart radiating outward, touching everything in its path.  The coolness refreshing and replenishing the life that runs through my body, letting my gentle soul rest softly among all of nature.


The water and all its splendor, the plants and trees so full of life, the animals both big and small, every grain of sand, every footfall on the paths and bridges, the people, and all the glory of nature keeps me spell bound.  Takes my breath and ignites the passions of my heart.  As I leave this beautiful place, I long to return.  I long to explore more deeply that love that lingers in such a place.  To write stories of the people that seek its tranquility, that seek their own hearts and souls there, I long to put on the pages of life the stories that bubble there in the depths of its pools.  To loose myself in those same pools and let the world stand still for a day, letting the Creator of all this wonder heal and replenish me………..


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