It has been a busy morning.  Well, all mornings are busy around here, but that is what makes it special.  I was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and watching the sun rise out the kitchen window, the television playing one of my favorite movies, “Under the Tuscan Sun.”  As I am sitting there, I am wondering why do humans seek their happiness in others?    Why do we only think that happiness depends on the other people in our lives.

Humans don’t seem happy unless they are not alone.  I love being alone.  I get lonely on occasion, but that doesn’t make me unhappy, just lonely.  I have learned since mom died that my happiness solely depends on one thing… myself.  I watch people get into relationships and be totally “in Love”, but they are more in love with the idea of not being alone.  The love of having companionship.    They end up being just as unhappy later than they were alone, or they are even more unhappy because the chosen companion isn’t a good match.

So, learning to love yourself, to make yourself happy, to seek yourself before you seek others, to see in your own eyes what others see in you, makes those times when you are around others even more precious.  So, why do humans seek others first???

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