I have decided that my next job is gonna be mail fraud.

The story:

For sale on Craigs List…one antique safe….1000.00.

Email reply…. I want to buy your safe will pay for shipping to my location.  I am sending you a USPS money order for the safe.

US Mail…received… 2 usps money orders each for 950.00.

Instructions for over payment…send over payment to my financial advisor that lives in CA.  No, mail over payment to Cairo, Egypt.

Seeing this as a SCAM early on, notified….FBI Cyber Fraud Department

The USPS Mail Fraud department….and the county sheriff’s department.

I have the checks, I have the emails, the email codes, and all other documentation.


Result… 1) check back with our website.  2) we will send you a complaint form  and 3) i can file a complaint if you like but honestly we just don’t have the funds for that kind of investigation.

In other words since I was smart enough to NOT cash a phony money order ….OH WELL.  

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