tears in the wee hours.

As she awoke with tears washing over her cheeks, the wee morning hours still dark.  Too early to be up but staying in bed did not seem the right option either. Slipping into her slipper socks, she checked her phone but no missed calls.  She placed it on the desk and padded quietly down the hall to the restroom.  Quietly closing the door she did not even bother turning on the light.  Keeping quiet was an old habit that had not seemed necessary to break.  Her cheeks still wet from the flood of tears, she crept back to the office to check the time.  Sitting in front of the computer with the clock blaring 3am she logged onto the social site to see if there was anyone on.  Early mornings were her time, time to think, to read, and to do research.  Quiet, peaceful, and all her own.

She sat in the darkness the only light was that from the computer and tried to make sense of the tears.  Trying in earnest to remember the dream that caused them.  A strange dream….. sitting in a field of green at a tiny white table with tiny white chairs drinking coffee in a sunlight akin to that muted by the fall.  The woman across from her was happy and bubbly and spoke with kind, loving words.  Her hair shown in the muted light, long and brown.  Her voice was soothing and wrapped the young girls heart in warmth.   The brown haired woman was showing a movie, a movie on the very fabric of the sky.  A movie of happiness, of incredible sadness, and of love.  The images were people that the young girl knew and loved.  As this movie in the sky played out, tears of love began to flow and the brown haired woman took her hand.  As she looked down at her hand aglow from the computer screen there was still a warmth there.  One hand was warmer than the other.

What people had she seen on the big sky screen?  She laid her in her hands and closed her eyes hoping to recall the images.  A flash of light took her back to the giant screen of her dreams.  On the screen, was her father standing there holding hands with the brown haired lady.  Both were smiling and glowed with happiness and a love that is everlasting.  There was again a flash and her daughter was standing there holding a bundle.  Wrapped in pink and glowing softly in the muted light.  Her daughters face was not expressionless.  It was full of love and wonder.  She was happy.  Then the flash went again and on the screen was herself, standing not alone.  Standing hand in hand with a familiar person.  There was love and happiness between them also.  The her on the sky screen waved and blew her a kiss, her heart was filled with a love that she had never before felt.  A love that was unconditional, a love that was not hurtful, or hateful.

The brown haired woman squeezed her hand gently three times.  She knew that signal.  It was one that she had taught her own daughter as a small child, one that her mother had created.  She created it so that the girl would not always verbally express “I LOVE YOU”  three words, three gentle squeezes.

The people on the big sky screen had vanished but there was a beautiful scenery a gentle brook babbling along the rocks.  Like love moves along through hearts and souls, the brook represented the love she felt for each of these people.  The people showed her what kind of things that were held in store for her and them.  Her loving father was reunited with her mother, her daughter was blessed with a child, and herself would be loved and know what it was like to share a wonderful love.

She raised her head and realized why the tears, mixed tears of happy and of sad.  But knowing that all would work out and be okay.  As she glanced back at the clock it was not 5am and time to get up……


She picked up the cell phone and sent a text, on that she hoped might show just how much the weekend had showed her where her heart really was.  How much she loved the texts recipient.  She had been distant for the rest of the weekend and wondered why….. for the love in her heart was matching the brook babbling on the sky screen.

4 comments on “tears in the wee hours.

  1. Connie Jones says:

    That was some story! Guess we might have to examine these thoughts more closely to figure out just were they manifested from LOL

    • Bec Champion says:

      LOL I know where every image in that dream manifested. My worries, my fears, my laughs and loves. My hearts true feelings, true desires…. To read in between the lines to know my life and my soul it will show you just where I am gonna go….. 😀 hugs!

  2. vera davis says:

    I get so lost in your writings! Things always have a way of working themselves out! Lots of hugs and happiness sent your way! xxxx!

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