‎”Solitude has nurturing qualities all its own. Anyone who must have superficial sounds to survive lacks depth. If you can’t stand to be alone with yourself, you have deep, unresolved conflicts in your inner life. Solitude has way of helping us address those issues.” Charles R. Swindoll, A Man of Passion & Destiny David, 8,9; 1983  (Thank you C.J. for posting this today.)


I love this!!!  I can remember most of my growing up listening to my Papa tell me this in his own way.  He used to wake up at 4am every morning.  He would get outside and just mill around.  Then at about 5- 5:30 he would call his girls.  When my mom moved to Arkansas I would get that phone call.  Just a few minutes to touch base with those he cared about and tell them that he loved them.


My mom did it.  and though I swore to never do it….I do too.  🙂  It is just enough time to walk a mile, let the world in and let it touch your heart.  It is just a quick email or phone call to say “Hey I love you”.  To touch someone gently to start the day.

technical or personal?

Today I got back my last Technical Writing assignment.  It was to write a letter to a university to get into a Masters degree program.  His biggest complaint was that I didn’t put my heart into it, that I didn’t let them know who I was.  You limit the amount of words I can use, you want me to tell you who and what I am about and tell you why I chose your university.  I realize that a real admissions letter would not have that limit.  How do you tell a perfect stranger what is in your heart?  What makes you tick? Hell I have a hard time doing that with people I know really well!!!  Maybe I didn’t want a master’s degree after all! lmao.  This one is going to take some work, some thought, and lots of soul searching.  Can’t they just give you a questionnaire and ask you all the personal stuff that they want to know?  I can answer questions!!!  I am great at essay tests!!  I figured out one of my problems I wait for people to ask as a general rule and if they don’t ask it is no big deal.  There are 3 people in this world at this point that I tell ALL willingly.

So, I guess I will say this one time…..If you want to know something about me….ask.  How do you,  in a technical paper, get docked for not being personal?  It is supposed to be technical and businesslike!  I have never been personal in business.

Going Green to Increase the Green

The idea of today is to go green.  To save the environment from the humans who inhabit it at any cost.  Most ways of going green cost the average consumer a considerable amount out of pocket.  However, there are ways to do something green that are inexpensive and often can put some coin in the pocket of the consumer.

Rainwater runoff systems

Rainwater runoff systems are simple to construct.  With the help of the current downspout and a few additions, the water from the rain on the roof will soon be caught and ready for use.  The rain from the roof can water the garden or the yard for quite some time.  A 1000 square foot roof can produce more than 600 gallons of water during a 1” rain.

To build a water runoff system you need to consider that there are two distinct ways of doing so.  The first of which is easiest when building a home.  A cistern with a pump will collect water in ground storage.   The second option is an above ground tank.  Both types will collect and store the rainwater from the roof saving money when watering the yard, garden or pets.

Container Gardening

Container gardening can be a fun way to add color and character to your yard or porch.  Containers can be anything that suits your personality.  A fancy vase, an old mop bucket, planter pots from the local garden center, or that wooden wagon found at a garage sale.  As long as your container has a hole in the bottom for drainage it will work.  Any type of plants will work too.  Flowers, small trees, vegetables, or herbs can be planted in containers.    A container garden uses less water than a regular garden and can be moved out into the rain to catch rain water.

A container garden also takes less work than an in ground garden.  Less weeding, less watering and less  as well as they work incredibly well in places that the soil is poor.  Pest control in a container garden is easier also for the infected plant can be moved away from the rest of the plants for doctoring.

The advantages of container gardening not only add color to those drab places in your yard but can also give the opportunity to raise and enjoy vegetables year around.

Back Yard Chicken Coop

Looking for a new pet?  A back yard chicken coop is easy to build and maintain, it offers eggs and fertilizer and the joy of chickens in the yard.  Chickens take up little time and space, they are friendly and funny and can be trained.  In the early morning hours the cluck of a chicken laying morning breakfast is as old as time itself.

A coop can be as big and fancy or as small and simple as to fit the decorum of the yard.  A chicken needs a roost, a nest, and a yard to scratch in.  Chickens make great insecticides that are all natural.  A chicken will lay between 1 and 3 eggs a day.  Chicken manure added to the compost pile makes strong fertilizer to help the garden grow.  A simple coop can be made out of a 55 gallon barrel and hold 2 chickens or a wood framed building can be built to match the house.  Eggs and fertilizer from the chickens will decrease the cost of gardening and of buying groceries.

Each of the ideas above can be done inexpensively and they all have benefits that will either make you money or save you money.  Selling the extra vegetables and eggs or having the water bill not increase all put money in the pocket of the green keeper.


I hate the month of February, it has never given me anything just really wonderful to smile about.  I give you Valentines day but that is about it.  I took my mom to the hospital for the last time 4 years ago tomorrow.  I got married 21 years ago today.  So all in all I hate February.  This has been a pretty emotional two weeks and there are people that I should have shared with but when I try to do that I just mess it up and sound stupid so as always I return to my blog to write it all out and get it all out of my system.  I did something so stupid the other day and I know better than to not check a message before sending but I was in a hurry and well it didn’t all go through and what did go through was way not what I meant to say.  I had opened up about a lot of things to a very dear friend but that isn’t what got sent.  So, I did what I never do and I cried.  Then I began to drive back to Bangs from San Angelo and that is the longest drive when you are crying.  I got home it was like 8.  Then you face the house and all the questions…where were you what were you doing….blah blah blah.  I hate when my confidence ends up on shifting sand.  I hate when I am unsure of myself.  Since the kids moved out in December and I am taking nearly all writing intensive classes, I don’t seem to be able to keep up with it all.  I took a day just for me last weekend and though I really enjoyed it, it just put me that much more behind.  I just don’t know and the crying just seemed to come naturally.  But it is like it just snow balled!!!  So February please come to an end so that the emotional rollercoaster will end!! 

4 but special!!!

This is one of my very favorite pictures of all time.  I took it the weekend of my birthday party.  I was not sure anyone would show up for the only birthday party I have ever really had.  I turned 40 that year.  As I walked back in the driveway I had the most wonderful surprise in the world!!!!  And in my writing it all down thing I have and in time will share with those wonderful people standing in my driveway just how awesome it really was!!!  Mean time i submitted the picture in a contest the other day and got 4th place out of about 1000.  Makes this picture even more special for the one I took it for and the winning!!  Great Picture!!  It is def a keeper!! 🙂

I love Angelo!!

What an incredible day.  I submitted two poems, a short story and a photo to the writers forum at ASU.  Something made it to the finals.  I won’t know for sure what until Friday.  I found this out as I sat in my car in the warm Texas sunshine typing away on my laptop having English class.  Just happens that my advisor is also my professor this semester.    I don’t care if I win or not but I did good and that is what counts!!  I went to lunch at a local diner that has pretty good food and had some of the best chicken strips around.  While I sat there I got to see what love is.  To actually see love.  Sitting just a few tables over was a young couple.  She sat in a wheel chair eating a piece of cake with her hand and he sat next to her patiently waiting and encouraging.  When she finished her cake, he gently handed her a napkin and helped her clean her face and hands.  As the couple was getting up to leave the waitress approached to refill my tea.  I told her to add their bill to my tab.  But that she was not allowed to tell who did it.  I asked her how often he brought her for lunch.  She smiled and said that they used to come in about twice a week but as the beautiful woman fought her battle with age they only came about once a week as of late.  It touched my heart when the waitress smiled and added it is amazing that they have been married over 50 years.  I left the restaurant and headed back to the college my heart soared at the gentle touch it had been given.

I sped along trying not to be late to my last class and driving down the two lane country road I spied ahead of me in the road a snake.  Growing up in West Texas you know by sight what a rattler looks like.  I guess the vibration of the car travelling along the road spooked him for about 2 foot from the shoulder of the road he curled up and was in striking position.  I  moved toward the center of the road and as I passed I saw him strike.  The mental image of this rattler having his fangs stuck in my tire as it went round and round made be laugh.

I travelled a little farther down the road and I saw ahead of me a critter run across the road.  Looked like a bird.  I pulled the car off the road and onto the shoulder and there beside the pillar of the guardrail was a roadrunner!!  She was beautiful!!!   I love roadrunners, they remind me of Grandma Powers.  But that is a story for another day……

It has been a very wonderful day from the beginning early this morning with a big smile to the present…a day to make your heart sing!!!!


I took my truck for a little drive out in the afternoon sun, 80 degrees with light whispy clouds and the window down for a breeze.  Down a dusty old dirt road we wondered along today.  I came to a stop a sudden stop what is that across the way?  There in a pasture of goat eaten dryness……what is that?  STOOOOP!  Out of the truck, left running in the road and over the barbed wire fence, into the pasture I wandered to see what I could see.  Grass, green grass emerging there!!  The butterfly and the honey bee both flying on their paths.  A nanny goat standing close with her little one so dear.  I came back into town and down our little road to hear the crack of the bat and a cheer that soon arose!  SOFTBALL season has begun and around the bases she did run!!  S P R I N G T I M E !!!!!!!