strangers in passing….

I watch this young lady every day walk across campus.  She is tall with long brown hair.  She is very thin, almost waifish.  She walks along using a very small gate with a hurriedness to her step.  She always reminds me of being cold.  Dressed in black jeans and furry boots, a black t shirt with an over sized cardigan sweater.  Her arms are what makes me feel cold, they are always crossed tight in front of her.  She reminds me of someone strolling along in Central Park in the winter time.  As I trail along behind her I wonder why she walks with her head down.  Very rarely does she ever look up, like if she took her eyes from the ground it would open up and swallow her.  I have seen her face only on occasion and if I saw her out of her normal place in my day, I would not recognize her.  But she is quite an intriguing person.  I would come near recognizing her suburban than I would her.  Today it happened that we met face to face on the sidewalk.  I said hi!  In a very quiet mousy voice she responded.  She is one of those people that you see everyday and would really like to know the rest of the story.  Or that you could write a story about.


What makes her so intriguing? What made me notice her at all?  I think it is because I see so much of myself in her at that age.  The very quiet, very shy never looking at anyone person.  I didn’t look up for then I would have to make eye contact and actually have to speak to someone.  I would have to actually let someone inside my bubble for a split second.  Just to do the day to day tasks and not be bothered was hard, hard not to be noticed.  A wall flower I was good at and comfortable with, I didn’t where anything but dark colors and I surely did not do anything to attract attention.  So are we truly strangers in passing or kindred spirits???

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