Sunday Morning Sunrise…….

I thought of you this morning as I stood in the cool fall air watching the sun create such a beautiful sunrise.  There are few things that touch my heart like the beauty of nature……someday I hope to get them all in one place.  To stand in this awesome sunrise and share it so completely with you would be so wonderful.  With your arms around me and you so close that nothing else in the world would matter.  The quiet of the morning, the coolness of the breeze, and the warmth of your body close to mine.  Those few minutes when there is nothing that needs said, or done, or even thought about.  Just the quiet of nature, the beating of hearts, and the breathing of two people.  Then into the house and share hot coffee and the smell of bacon cooking.  That would all make this perfect sunrise the most perfect day.

You wonder why I say that I hope the sun kisses you gently on the cheek in the morning or that it hugs you with all its warmth?  We often get too busy to even notice the sunrise or the sunset.  Too busy with life to see what life really has to offer.  Texas has the best of both.  God seems to take great pleasure with the colors and clouds as he paints the beginning and ending of the day.  To capture the real beauty of either is impossible.  For I never seem to find the exact words for description, and the camera doesn’t add the feel and smell that goes with them.  As hard as I try, the only true way to share them is with someone in person.  The problem with that is that I am usually standing there alone.  So, I add to it the words I can come up with and the picture that my camera can capture.

So, as the sun rose this morning and the clouds danced gently across the sky, I thought of you.  I thought of how much my heart races at the very thought of you.  How my senses drink in all of the beauty that abounds here.  So in reality, I am never alone.  Physically yes, but in my heart I am never alone.  For in those few moments as the sun rises I am held tight in a wonderful hug of love and warmth.

Have a most blessed Sunday!  A day filled with as much love as your heart can hold.


The Tiger inside

I love this picture!!  I have those days, usually when I have accomplished something I have been told I couldn’t do or when I am just feeling like laughing!!  Out of all my tiger pictures this one suits my own personality the best!

Midterms sure are making me wonder if I made the right decision!!  I know more about rocks than I have ever wanted to.  The next time I pick up a rock to skip I am really gonna analyze it closely………..NOT!! lmao  I am a true girl…if that rock isn’t a precious stone (i.e.  diamond, ruby, emerald) or semi precious stone (i.e.  turquoise, quartz, tourmaline)  that baby is skipping!!!!!  There is more to life than a stone sitting doing nothing…..skipping stones just soothes the soul somehow.  Hey, life is kinda that way too….if you are just sitting around as apposed to being in motion besides all those ripples you make in the pond of life touch someone else. I have done both and much appreciate skipping!!  (yes I still really skip it makes you laugh and feel like a kid again)

I read an article about forgiving one’s self today.  It was pretty interesting.  We forgive everyone else, why would you not forgive yourself?  I have made some real doosy   mistakes in life,  have lived through some strange stuff, but you know I forgive those that were involved.  I include myself in that too.  I guess it never really dawned on me that you wouldn’t.  I have always looked at life in this way…things happen whether you believe in that they happen for a reason or not, they happen.  You learn from them, they help mold who you are and what path you take.  You can think that bad things happen to good people, or you can think that good people make bad decisions.  Both of which are true.  Life happens, look in the mirror, really look in the mirror not at what is on the inside, but look deep into your own eyes.  What do you see?  Do you see what the rest of the world sees when they look into them?  No, you see your own true heart.  You and only you can.  I have looked into those baby blues many times over the years.  I like who lives in there.  When you can get to the point that you like who lives inside those eyes, life is so much better. 🙂 That is why I like that white tiger picture with the blue eyes, it reminds me of how far I have come.  It reminds me that when my confidence is shaken that go back to the mirror and check into my heart.

There are days when I miss the touch of another human.  The smile, the hug, the laugh.  I know that this isn’t forever, I know that I am working toward a better thing.  There are days that I miss communicating with someone that makes my mind think, makes my heart race, makes my life not seem so blah!   I guess on those days I will learn to pick up the phone and reach out to my wonderful friends.  We are all so busy that you hate to bother anyone so you just get busier this too shall pass.

Well, it is back to the books and stones! lol  Have a wonderful weekend and make some ripples!! 🙂


I have all these snippets in my brain…gotta get them out!!!

I lift you up in prayer…..please don’t say that I don’t care.

I send blessings to your door…and you leave them on the floor.

I won’t give up on you…just like he won’t give up either.

I love you from the tip of my nose to the end of my toes,

I love you through the seasons…summer, winter, spring and fall,

I love you through the clicks of time…..from the millisecond to eons and beyond,

I love you with my heart and all the tissue that it supplies.

I love you with every breath I take.

Daily life isn’t always a Diamond, some days are sandstone and they crumble.  But even on those days, I find a gem somewhere.  Either that or I use the rocks to make cool ripples in the lake of life.

I love my friends, and I am not afraid to tell them so.  I am not afraid to hug their neck or give them a kiss on the cheek.  If you don’t want to be loved from the heart….don’t know what to tell ya.

I take a step and stand in silence, listen quietly and he tells me when to go again.

The cool fall breeze blows against my face as I travel through the early morning.  The sun just beginning to peek over the horizon and light the earth.  The morning seems to engulf me, takes away all the stress, the fears, the confusion leaving only a sense of peace and tranquility.  All is quiet except for the sound of the car and the birds as they sing, I pull over on a hill.  I step out so the fall engulfs me totally.  I stand still in the bar ditch listening to the morning life, a cow somewhere near is calling for its calf, a hawk flies overhead circling as if saying, “what are you doing here?”  and somewhere in a far off distance you can hear a tractor.  I stand in silence listening to the sounds of the morning, letting it talk to me.  Letting all the beauty fill my senses.  I send up a pray for you.  All of you, for I love the people in my life so incredibly without reservation.  My family, my friends, my foes, you are all a part of my life you all leave a mark there everyday.  I bend to my knees and I am thankful for all the blessings in my life.  For that few wonderful moments frozen in time, I feel a freedom that takes my heart and soul to a new level of wonder.

Speak to me and you speak to my heart.

Touch my hand and you touch my very soul.

Have a great day and maybe some snippet will touch you too! 🙂