Higher Education??

I stood outside my computer test today with mixed emotions.  I was proud that I passed…with a “c” but passed.  I was also very disappointed.  One of my peers walked up and asked how I did.  He and I are the “old folks” in the class.  The difference being is that I am just trying to get this class behind me and he is a computer major.  As we walked toward the parking lot we discussed studying.  You know for most of the semester I have honestly wondered when I aquired adult ADD!  Damian has 3 or 4 children and his wife teaches in AISD.  In comparing we figured out that it isn’t us that has the ADD.  I seem to study all the time, but I only get 10 or 15 minutes here and there.  Damian is the same way.  I have made up my mind that next semester my class schedule will include study time.  Study time away from the house and away from the hustle and bustle.
Went to see my new advisor today.  He is awesome!!   I have two English classes and two journalism classes and as gross as I find it….Spanish.  My last 4 semesters of college will include Spanish.  If you have children when they get into high school, make them take spanish.  I have to take two remedial classes then my two regular classes…..can someone please go and clep these for me??? lmao  Actually I am so very excited to be back in the English department that I would do a happy dance!!!   My classes that all got shoved over into electives are back where they belong, and we found one that I had not included!!!!  Instead of 18 hours of journalism after this semester I will only have 11 hours!!  I do get to take my digital photography class and magazine column writing!  I am again a little confused at higher education…..photography is in the journalism department ( now it is Mass Media)  but adobe photoshop is a Business Writing class in the English department??  Really???  And as much as we gripe about them taking P.E. and recess out of public schools….I started out having to have 2 P.E. credits….you don’t have to have those any more either.
It has been a really good day over all!!  School went well, and my tricker treating went well too! 🙂  For some reason that tree is just perfect! lmao!!  It is a good day!  Now to get to studying for the two tests that I have next week!!
I love it when all is right with the w

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