I know that not all things come easy

I know that you sometimes have to fight

I know that to reach your destination

that sometimes it has to hurt.

I knew when I started down this road

that there were rock, hills , and barricades.

I knew that uphill it would be all the way.

For nothing worth having is worth walking away.

Are my shoulder that big to hold up this world?  Are my arms long enough to hold you close?  I have fought all day and all I found was the ground, flat on my face and crying.  Please pick me up and dust me off.  But nobody is there so I do it myself.

Just hold me tight, hold me close, I want to feel your breath and make it alright.  Just take my hand, just hold it tight.  Help me to keep that prize in sight.

Let me cry with my head on your chest, don’t say a word just let me rest.  Let me cry tonight and hold me tight.  For in the dawn it will bring a new light.  It will touch my soul as you have tonight and I will know that it is all gonna be alright.

I am fighting back the best I know how to keep it together and take care of it all.  But I am tiring just tiring of being alone.  With everything resting on me like a stone.

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